Monday, May 9, 2011

Inspiring Stories From the Free Money

You know, I’m almost starting to think that finding your 15 minutes of fame as a homeless man isn’t exactly a recipe for career success.
Ted Williams, the baritone bum who shot to fame earlier this year based off a viral YouTube video and captured our hearts, imaginations, and various job offers from across the nation, has apparently discovered that sometimes an offer is just that, andnothing more. Especially when you have a long history with drugs and shoot yourself in the foot around minute six of that fame. Since when do viral video stories come with anything less than a storybook ending?
Ah, yes, the “long resume of drug abuse and criminal activity he’s provided society over the years as a derelict.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase used in a job interview.
If nothing else, this should teach the Cavs a little lesson in human resources — viral video star or not, sometimes it’s best to, you know, know anything at all about the person you’re offering a position to before you dive head-first in to a feeding frenzy for just a bit of ever-fleeting publicity. Live and learn.