Monday, May 9, 2011

Impressive Day Is Impressive

Ever get the eerie feeling when you first wake up after a night of tossing and turning that your day is going to be shall we say "unproductive" anyway you get the idea, I shook it off thinking about my current opportunities and how I could impact my life in a positive way from a desolate situation. Going through a few channels and about an hour of debate with a few redditors on graphic design preferences and or "pro" tips I figured it was time to purchase the new adobe cs5, now respectively I know this isn't entirely new to the market but until I was able to acquire my copy I was using simply cs3 so you can see the comparison if you are any kind of adobe user. The new dreamweaver is flawless and even the most basic of operations are made simpler still, unlike previous editions of PS this provided me with a great arsenal to unleash my work on the world with. 


  1. i feel like that all the time we just have to get through it

  2. Good luck with your brand new blog!